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Heal yourself and others

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The Love Energetics® training program is designed for those who want to be introduced to this new healing method and who will later master it. Throughout the various workshops and practice sessions, (some individual and others supervised), students will gradually acquire the skills required to effectively provide Love Energetics® healing.   These valuable skills can be used for self-healing or to help others.

Love Energetics Lectures


Come and have a unique experience with Yvon Dubé, founder of the Love Energetics® healing method. Each conference begins with a series of demonstrations that show the many benefits of Love Energetics® therapy.

Upcoming Events

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Recent Love Energetics Events

The Love Energetics team recently attended the Natural Living Expo in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, where founder and healer, Yvon Dubè, conducted numerous group healing sessions, touching the lives of more than 200 people. Thank you for visiting our booth and making the Expo a success! 

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Following the Expo, three daily conferences were held from the 14 to 16 November, providing hands-on healing experiences to Northern Bostonians. In Andover, hosted by the organization Circle of Wisdom, the participants came into contact with their heart energy through a group healing entitled Manifesting Your Desires, with Heart.   This was such as success that we decided to provide a webinar version of this conference (see below).

These healing experiences in Boston created connections that elevated individual and group consciousness. Thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm and energy! We look forward to sharing further information and healing experiences to help all those ready for the next step in their personal journey to release resistance and embrace heart energy. 



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